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Can Men Improve the Future of Fertility?

I see so many people working hard to do what they can to preserve their fertility. Sorry, I mean to say that I see so many females working hard at this.

I know fertility can be sensitive to talk about. It's not easy for a lot of people these days. And it's challenging for both females and males, but I definitely see many more females focusing on their fertility in my Ayurveda practice. Many are looking at egg freezing and at holistic ways to optimize their fertility. That's why I found it super weird to see that the term male fertility is actually searched for on Google much more than female fertility.

Who is searching? Is it males interested in their fertility, or perhaps in the species-wide drop in male sperm counts since the 1970s - or are the searches coming from female partners worried about them!?!

Are men curious about their fertility, and simply not acting, or are they addressing the problem in their own way that wellness people like us might not be getting?

What does all this mean for how males and females will change the fate of the future generations?

Follow the feeling.

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