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"I can't believe what a powerful experience this has been for me. My fasting days were filled with mental clarity and focus, along with a general sense of steadiness. I was surprised with the ease that I slipped into it, despite never having fasted before. Clearly this is what my body had been waiting for - to truly have an opportunity to heal itself. I am looking forward to climbing up the pyramid!" — Arielle, Professional Chef

“I learned how to make choices based on experiential learning and increased mind-body awareness. My digestion and allergies are also better because I now know how to treat my body. The way Heather shares Ayurvedic medicine, and empowers her clients to reclaim their health, is practical and sustainable.”  —  Asha, Yoga Teacher



“Heather is an amazing teacher and warm and wonderful person. Her teachings are calming and completely therapeutic for those of us who struggle to 'slow it all down'.”​ —  Matthew, Investment Professional



“Heather helped me prepare for a three-month travel through southeast Asia. She recommended things for me to do from an Ayurveda perspective; which really helped my mind, body and spirit. I regularly consult her for guidance when I feel stuck or just want other options to help me help take care of myself.”​ —  Kristen, Consultant

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