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Some of my favorite self-care and clean beauty products
(Find out what's appropriate for your body type)

Cleansing Herbs & Tools

Triphala Powder

Tried-and-true gentle balancing formula to support cleansing and immune strength. Many people take this one every day, but using it for short periods of time may actually be more optimal. Everything loses its potency after a while. So do things with intention! I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS TRIPHALA POWDER

Lemon Ginger Tea

This tea works wonders for those days when you are wondering where your hunger went, and it can help curate your digestive juices to more fully process what you eat. Probably too strong for anyone with high pitta. I LIKE YOGI TEA LEMON GINGER TEA

Neti Pot

If you don't have a neti pot in your house yet, then you are really missing out. Sometimes your sinuses just need a little rinse, and this is way better than those little plastic saline nasal spray bottles you find at the drugstore. Use clean water, please! I LIKE HIMALAYAN CHANDRA PORCELAIN NETI POT

Aloe Vera Juice

From a pimply face to those times when you are wondering where the heck your period went, aloe can be incredibly helpful at the right time in your cycle. I LIKE LILY OF THE DESERT ALOE VERA

Castor Oil

I've been using this for years for home panchakarmas and other Ayurvedic cleanse stuff. It has a lot of uses for inflammatory skin and scalp conditions too. And I'm excited that my favorite is now available in a glass bottle! I LIKE HERITAGE STORE CASTOR OIL

Shardunika Powder

An herb that dulls one's ability to taste sugar. Very handy when one is trying to break a sugar addiction! (Who? Not me! Haha) I LIKE STARWEST BOTANICALS SHARDUNIKA/GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE

Dashamula Powder

Ten root herbs used for calming and bulking up the stool for someone experiencing deer-pellet poops. Can reestablish healthy excretion patterns and support the body's natural detoxification process. Can also be used for yoni steams for certain conditions. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS DASHAMULA POWDER

Kanchanar Guggulu

Research shows that this herbal formula can help shrink fibroids when taken as part of a larger Ayurvedic protocol, and I've witnessed this happen with my clients! I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS KANCHANAR GUGGULU

Amalaki Powder

This powder of the indian gooseberry packs a high concentration of vitamin C and can ease pitta and clear out toxins. This herb is also helpful to balance hormones when someone is experiencing heavy periods. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS AMALAKI

Haritaki Powder

This herb helps regulate the proper flow of fluids and nutrients through the body. It is used for removing blockages to flow, and increases intestinal motility, which is handy for people with certain types of constipation. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS HARITAKI

Manjistha Powder

This herb is great for cleansing excess pitta and kapha, purifying the blood and lymph. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS MANJISTHA

Women's Reproductive Health


This Sanskrit word means "one hundred husbands". Enough said. Avoid if you have high kapha. You don't need to be friends with this herb. Often paired with ashwagandha to balance both estrogen and testosterone. Ask me how to use this herb because it can alter your hormones. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS SHATAVARI


It may seem like this is the current "it" boy of Ayurvedic herbs, and that's because it's great for vata. And who doesn't have too much vata these days? But it's not a good idea take this one if you have a lot of metabolic toxicity, or if your pitta is high. Ask me how to use this herb because it can alter your hormones. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS ASHWAGANDHA

Chastetree Berry/Vitex

This herb has been found to improve PMS-related symptoms. This bag will provide you with you enough to give away to some of your friends too. Ask me how to use this herb because it can alter your hormones. I LIKE STARWEST CHASTE TREE BERRY

Yoni Steaming Bowl

If you've been wanting to create a v-steam setup for your house, I think it's best when you can find a metal bowl that will work, but HERE'S ONE THAT LOOKS INEXPENSIVE AND EASY

Best Natural Fertility Book

Shameless promotion for my book, The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility: A Natural Approach to Getting Pregnant, which has sold thousands of copies worldwide. Handy guide for anyone TTC. 

Oils, Soothing Balms and Beauty

Beauty Balm

I'm not really into makeup (other than lipstick!), but I'm in my 40s, so I need a little hydration. My friend tells me that my face smells like a yoga studio when I wear this, but my skin just loves the silky glow, especially in fall and dry seasons. My mom likes it too. It totally has ghee in it! So hydrating and luxurious! BANYAN BOTANICALS BEAUTY BALM

Sunflower Seed Oil (untoasted)

No joke. This is cooking oil is one of the best ways to moisturize your skin, scalp and hair, or to do a self abhyanga (Ayurvedic topical oil treatment). You don't need to spend tons of money on beauty products. I prefer applying it before a shower, but be careful and don't slip in the shower! You can also stir-fry your veggies in it, and use it to make a cake. I LIKE THIS 365 BY WHOLE FOODS SUNFLOWER Oil, WHICH COMES IN A GLASS BOTTLE

Nasya Oil (nasal oil)

Your sense of smell is very important to your ability to detect subtle cues in the environment around you. Do not limit your perception by ignoring allergies or other sinus issues. Much like your outside skin can get dry or inflamed, so can your inside skin. The nostrils and sinus cavity need some love sometimes. I LIKE THIS BANYAN BOTANICALS NASYA OIL

Anu Thailam Nasya Oil (nasal oil)

Supports uncongested breathing. Can be uncomfortable for some people, so discuss with your practitioner first. Based on anu thailam. Your sense of smell is very important to your ability to detect subtle cues in the environment around you. Do not limit your perception by ignoring allergies or other sinus issues. I LIKE THIS ONE ANU THAILAM FROM KERALA AYURVEDA

Headache and Inflammatory Pain Balm

This peppermint-smelling product is legit miraculous when used topically on skin for headaches and sore throats when pitta is up. I had a client who had a headache for 7 days in a row and applying a this balm above the eyebrows, behind the earlobes and on the back of the neck was the only thing that stopped the pain for her. I LIKE - ACTUALLY LOVE - DR. BRONNER'S ORGANIC MAGIC BALM

Ancient Joint and Muscle Pain Oil

This is hands-down the best topical oil I've ever used for joint and muscle pain. Great for athletes! One of my clients was so surprised that it worked so well, even though it smelled like "horse piss". (His words, not mine. I quite like the smell.) It has a million herbs in it, and this formulation has been used for centuries. Not as great for menstrual cramps or headaches, but reach out to me for other recommendations there! I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS MAHANARAYAN OIL

Medicinal Kitchen Herb Essentials

Turmeric Powder

Every modern home should have turmeric in it. Turmeric is in the ginger family and is one of the most powerful herbs to support a normal inflammation response and blood thickness. Can be added to food, consumed in a latte, or cooked into your favorite witches brew. I LIKE 365 BY WHOLE FOODS ORGANIC TURMERIC POWDER

Long Pepper/Pippali Powder

Many people have heard about how black pepper can help you assimilate certain herbs like turmeric better, but black pepper can be a little harsh for some more sensitive vata bodies, and a little hard on the liver. When you want to improve assimilation with high vata, pippali (long pepper) is a little more appropriate. I LIKE BANYAN BOTANICALS PIPPALI

Tellicherry Black Pepper

Black pepper is an important digestive spice to have in your home, especially for weak agni and high kapha dosha issues. Despite its mild burn, black pepper's drying and heating effect is quite powerful for excess mucus, though it can be a little hard on the liver, so be careful with black pepper if you have pitta issues. Tellicherry black pepper has a slightly sweeter taste than other types, so it softens the sharpness for vata people. I BUY THE AMAZON BRAND TELLICHERRY BLACK PEPPER

Tulsi Tea/Holy Basil Tea

This tea is great for the winter when there may be a lot of colds with mucus. Tulsi, like other types of basil, helps with expectoration, and stimulates digestion. It has slight pain-relieving qualities too, and is excellent for people who feel anxiety. It's pungent, bitter and has a warming effect without being too harsh. A great herb to keep around in Winter and Early Spring. I LIKE ORGANIC INDIA TULSI TEA

Which herbs are best for you?

Schedule a consultation to begin learning specifically which are best for your unique body type and life circumstance.

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