Products to Love

These are some of Heather's favorite self-care and clean beauty products from trusted brands. You'll be surprised how simple and inexpensive caring for your beautiful body can be when you let go of all those gross, toxic chemicals and products intended to cover up your natural beauty. Some of these may surprise you!

Beauty Balm
Banyan Botanicals

My friend tells me that my face smells like a yoga studio when I wear this, but my skin just loves the silky glow, especially in fall. It totally has ghee in it! So hydrating and luxurious!

Sunflower Seed Oil
365 by Whole Foods

No joke. This is one of the best ways to moisturize your skin, scalp and hair, or to do a self abhyanga (Ayurvedic topical oil treatment). I prefer applying it before a shower, but be careful and don't slip in the shower!

Lemon Ginger Tea
Yogi Tea

This tea works wonders for those days when you are wondering where your hunger went, and it can help curate your digestive juices to more fully process what you eat.  Probably too strong for anyone with high pitta.

Yoni Steaming Box
Kitara Love

If you've been wanting to create a v-steam setup for your house, well this seating platform is comfortable, environmentally friendly, and can probably be used as a plant holder if you ever want to hide it from your parents when they are visiting. Lol.

Chaste Tree Berries
Starwest Botanicals

This herb has been found to improve PMS-related symptoms. This bag will provide you with you enough to give away to some of your friends too.

Aloe Vera Juice
Lily of the Desert

From a pimply face to those times when you are wondering where the heck your period went, aloe can be incredibly helpful at the right time in your cycle.

Nasya Oil (nasal oil)
Banyan Botanicals​

Your sense of smell is very important to your ability to detect subtle cues in the environment around you. Do not limit your perception by ignoring allergies or other sinus issues. Much like your outside skin can get dry or inflamed, so can your inside skin. The nostrils and sinus cavity need some love sometimes.

Manjistha Powder
Banyan Botanicals

This herb is great for cleansing excess pitta and kapha, purifying the blood and lymph.

Ashwagandha Powder
Banyan Botanicals

It may seem like this is the current "it" boy of Ayurvedic herbs, and that's because it's great for vata. And who doesn't have too much vata these days? But it's not a good idea take this one if you have a lot of toxicity in your gut, or if your pitta is high.

Castor Oil
Heritage Store

I've been using this one for years for home panchakarmas, and other Ayurvedic cleanse stuff. I wish it didn't come in plastic, but I can't find any others that aren't in plastic either. Let me know if you find one!

Neti Pot
Himalayan Chandra

If you don't have a neti pot in your house yet, then you are really missing out. Sometimes your sinuses just need a little rinse, and this is way better than those little plastic saline nasal spray bottles you find at the drugstore. Use clean water, please!

Shatavari Powder
Banyan Botanicals

This Sanskrit word means "one hundred husbands". Enough said. Avoid if you have high kapha. You don't need to be friends with this herb.

The Best Fertility Book
Heather Grzych

Shameless promotion for my book, The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility: A Natural Approach to Getting Pregnant. Handy guide for anyone TTC.

Triphala Powder
Banyan Botanicals​

Tried-and-true gentle balancing formula to support cleansing and immune strength. Many people take this one every day, but using it for short periods of time may actually be more optimal. Everything loses its potency after a while. So do things with intention!