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Wisdom of the Body Podcast Celebrates 100th Episode

I'm thrilled to announce that we have just launched the 100th episode of Wisdom of the Body podcast. This week is actually the podcast's second birthday!

And another milestone was hit: We've crossed 25,000 downloads!


What happens when you ask some Ayurvedic practitioners, conventional medical doctors, psychologists, immunologists, physicists, herbalists, neuroscientists, professors, artists, authors, pharmacologists and spiritual teachers to speak from personal experience, rather than from the textbooks, PubMed study results, and words of the guru that they've memorized?

The Wisdom of the Body happens.

I took some time to reflect during these last few weeks on my Wisdom of the Body journey.

I went back and listened to a lot of the most-downloaded episodes to see what I've learned so far from doing this podcast, and to provide some of my key takeaways in episode 100. I specifically zoomed in on the question, "What does the Wisdom of the Body mean to you?"

Some of the answers really surprised me. Some took my breath away.

You won't want to miss this episode. If you only listen to one, then this is the one.

Hear from Sarah Kucera, Dr. Cindy Duke, Sky Nelson-Isaacs, Dr. Azza Gadir, Kute Blackson, and more!

Honestly, after listening to episode 100, I'm sitting here wondering if I need to continue on with the show. I feel like it really captures the essence of what I was trying to communicate, and I'm still deciding where to go with it from here.

Just when I think I understand the Wisdom of the Body, the words to describe it disappear from my tongue.

I originally started the podcast because I was lonely in the pandemic, and missed making new friends!

Now, 100 episodes... Damn!

There is so much to learn about the Wisdom of the Body, and yet it can be quite simple when we just listen to it. Sometimes the poet, in two lines of verse, can convey what the scientist has been trying to communicate in a 10-page paper with statistics and diagrams, or what the religious leader recites from a thick, ancient book.

So I'm celebrating the 100th episode of the Wisdom of the Body podcast, and thanking Ivy and Joanna from my team for all the help in making it happen and getting it into people's hands.

I invite you to listen to this beautiful melange of voices in episode 100 from some of the most-downloaded guest episodes.

But we are on this journey together. What does the Wisdom of the Body mean to you?

Follow the feeling.

- Heather

P.S. I want to know if you can guess the most downloaded episode of 1-99! Send me your guess, and I'll send you a special surprise.

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