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READ: Why is my health messed up in the pandemic? Heather on the Banyan Insight Blog

I recently contributed a piece to the Banyan Botanicals Insight Blog. They are an herbal products company I love. If you've been asking yourself questions like, "Why is my period messed up?" or "Why is my body out of balance?" then this is the post for you.

In this post, I've shared:

  • Why it's so difficult to plan ahead right now

  • How you can care for your health before life goes back to how it used to be

  • Why women are well suited to manage big transitions like this

Here's a snippet:

"While many women have not had the option of sheltering-in-place and have continued to work throughout the time of the pandemic, many others have had to adjust to a completely different rhythm while spending the majority of their time at home. Anyone who has ever sat to meditate knows that sometimes it’s very difficult to sit still, while at other times, it can be a very calming experience. It’s important to understand that some individuals will feel better from reduced mobility, while it will cause others to start to become further imbalanced."

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