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Why Don't We Feel The Earth Spinning... And What Does That Have To Do With Our Health?

Your body is pretty amazing, and so is it's connection to the sun, the moon, earth and stars. When you pay attention, you notice the differences between the phases of the moon, and you certainly notice your relationship with the sun because of night and day, but there are other things you don't notice. For example, the earth is spinning and also revolving around the sun, and you don't feel these forces on your body.

Why don't you feel the earth spinning? It turns out there is a very simple reason.

But if something so big can be happening outside of you without being felt, then is it possible that there are also things happening inside of you that aren't being felt either?

Depending on the kind of yoga you are practicing, you might try to surrender more or use your will. This is the battle between fate versus free will and there is no more epic battle! It's a constant from the moment you were conceived inside your mother. Actually, it's a battle that started even before that...

The more you are aware of the forces in your life, the more you can find your perfect fit within them.

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