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My name is Heather and I love sharing the romantic notion of holding onto your human nature in a world where technology continues to increase its influence on human health, and shift the healthcare landscape. I'll provide practical tips and stories, while fundamentally changing the way you see your health. I'm available for delivering wellness workshops, keynotes, and podcast appearances!

Example Topics Include:

  • The Psychological, Physiological and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting (And How I got Rid of A Tumor!)

  • Are Traditional Medicines Really the Alternative, Or Do We Have it Backwards?

  • Ayurveda, Women's Health and Fertility

  • How You Can Impact the Environment with Your Self-Care

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My Story

I help people balance innovation and change with ancient medicine. I used to be head of product development for a multi-billion-dollar healthcare company, then a strategic consultant, and then I went back to school to study Ayurvedic medicine, a highly-documented indigenous form of medicine from India.

My thesis on The Psychological, Physiological and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting from an Ayurvedic Perspective (2015) was apparently so good that it was stolen from the campus library. That motivated me to write a book. 

My book, The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility (© 2020 New World Library) outlines how to improve health and fertility holistically. I advise on empowering tools like herbal medicines, fasting methods and food as medicine, and help people learn how to influence the regenerative capabilities of our bodies.

These aren’t just tools I’ve used with clients in clinical practice - they are also the game-changing tools I used in my own fertility journey. I couldn't get pregnant in my early thirties, and then had a kid totally naturally the year I turned 40. 

My writing has been featured in Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal Magazine and The Sunday Independent Journal (Ireland). Check out my podcast, Wisdom of the Body!

Your Board, CEO and entry-level employees will all learn something new at one of my talks!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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