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Should You Quit?

Can you remember the last time you wanted to quit something?

I'm going to be honest with you. During the month leading up to my 100th episode of the Wisdom of the Body podcast, I started questioning if I wanted to keep going.

I felt like quitting.

Throwing in the towel.

I had just taken some time off work to spend the last few weeks with my son before he started kindergarten. I reduced my hours to the bare minimum to only be available for the clients I have right now, and had a lot more space in my calendar. In that month of a reduced schedule, I took some trips, got lots of sun and enjoyed quality time with my kid - and then something surprising happened...

I started writing another book. This book is really different than my last book, and it started pulling me in. (Are you curious?) I started worrying that I wouldn't have time for the podcast any longer.

But alas, here we are with our 101st episode. I apparently found the energy and the time to do my podcast and write the book at the same time! Phew.

I thought about so many of the clients I've had through the years. People trying to change their bodies and their minds. People trying to get pregnant. People trying to heal from a disease. People trying to improve their digestion, clear up their skin, get better sleep, accomplish that really difficult yoga pose, cope with a pregnancy loss, heal their body after burnout, etc. etc. - and I recalled moments when some of these clients also wanted to quit.

And some of them did quit. Changing the physical world can be very difficult because it takes a lot of repetition to create real change in the physical world. This is why healing the body in a way that actually sticks takes time...

It takes persistence.

Taking a short break from something allows you to process your relationship with it - whether it's fasting from food, taking a break from a partner, or leaving your home for a week.

It gives you a moment to refresh and come back to your quest anew.

But you have to come back to the quest...

Where do you think will we go next together on this journey?

Follow the feeling.

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