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Is Your Health Issue Impacting Your Relationships?

We take our health for granted sometimes. We forget how awesome the sense of taste is when we lose it. We appreciate how lovely it is to hear music when we blow an eardrum and then get our hearing back. We forget how important our sense of touch us until we haven't touched another human for days.

But imagine if you lost one of your senses permanently. Or lost a body part. Or struggled with infertility. Would your life be over?

What a lot of people experience is that some superpower will also come from a big loss. Perhaps one or more of the other senses will get heightened. Perhaps some skill gained that someone else wouldn't bother spending time on. So a man who goes blind can really hear the rain, or a woman who can't have children creates some insanely successful business that she may not have if she was a mom of two.

Superpowers come from both divine intervention AND practice...

Sensitivity is a moving target. When we become used to things, we lose sensitivity. When we are cut off from something for a short while, sensitivity increases. When we are cut off from something for a really long time... well it can be hard to even make sense of it when it comes our way again...

This applies to how we interact with people as well.

In Wisdom of the Body podcast episode 94, I have you study how you walk into a room. I bring you through an experience of self awareness, sensory awareness, and also one of relational awareness. We have so much to learn about ourselves, and oddly, studying ourselves is the key to being able to find our real bliss of the world.

Do you ever study how you interact with people when you walk into a room?

I suppose you would if it had been a while...

But even if you're a social butterfly, [First Name], it's time to study yourself!

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