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How to Do a Cleanse

Just this morning, I had a call with someone who had just finished a cleanse. She was experiencing some strange things when the cleanse ended. She noticed she was feeling differently afterwards, making different food choices, experiencing improved digestive and skin symptoms. Perhaps most surprisingly, she was having different thoughts, and felt like she could pick up on things more in her environment.

These latter experiences completely blew her mind.

Who knew that body discomfort can affect our emotions and our mind - that something as small as an upset stomach can change psychology!?

In Ayurveda, the digestive channel is the space in which food is broken down into smaller particles and bathed in transformative juices. In this space, the body intelligence goes through the process of selecting from the material that is available. Sometimes this process doesn't go well for various reasons, and toxic material from the gut makes it out of the gut and into other parts of our body. Suddenly we have a rash, or puffiness, or inflammation, a headache, or some emergent malformed tissue growing from the inside out.

Events that occur once don't have to be a big deal, but events that repeat cause patterns of disharmony and imbalance that take some time to unwind.

Cleansing is one great way to unwind long-term patterns. But you want to do your cleanse in a way that leaves you feeling better afterwards, and there are some secrets to a successful cleanse.

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