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How to Cast a Spell With Grace

Do you ever wonder if things like affirmations work? They try to change reality by convincing your mind that something is different than it really is. That can be quite comforting in times of distress.

And it can end up changing physical reality too because if your affirmation impacts the action in the physical world, then physical matter can change.

But if you don't DO the things, and take the actions necessary to change physical space, then the manifestation may not take place.

If we never deal with residual feelings around why we wish things were different, and then grieve the loss of the thing we feel we've lost (even if it's something that we actually wanted in the future), then sometimes it makes it harder to get what we actually wanted.

But if you are listening to the bottom-up mechanisms within you, your body may tell you something different. Sometimes your body suffers when you've over-affirmed. If you listen to what the body says, then you might have to accept what's happening right now - even if your mind doesn't like it. Maybe you'll grieve for a moment or a few days or a few weeks.

However, if you cannot let go of what the mind wants so badly that it's willing to withhold grace from the body, then you are allowing your top-down processing to overpower your bottom-up processing. The body wants to cry to release that thing that isn't really here that you wanted so badly, and the mind says, "No, I'm still going to get that thing, so don't accept defeat."

Don't do that. It's a recipe for getting sick or injured.

But there is a way for the top-down and the bottom up to work together, and it's the key to any sustainable change.

Your conscious mind can still stay in the driver's seat, but it will do so as a better listener. Who knows -- maybe it will even adjust its plans accordingly...

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