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Got a Role Model for Aging?

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading the CDC exercise guidelines, and I noticed that the recommendations for 18 year olds and 64 year olds were basically the same, and then the guidelines changed for 65+ adults. I wouldn't say the guidelines were wrong, but they certainly lacked nuance.

Fellow Ayurvedic author Kate O'Donnell and I had a pretty personal conversation about aging in Wisdom of the Body episode 110.

I started reflecting on how my own exercise has changed through the years, depending on what was going on in my life - not necessarily based on my age.

It's that desire for more nuanced knowledge about wellness that drove me, and thousands of other Americans, to study Ayurveda. Every client I meet with has a completely differently life than the next person, so naturally, recommendations for exercise are different for each person too...

In episode 110, Kate and I talk about why we need more role models who know how to age well, and we discussed our own family histories.

Thank you for exploring with me!

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