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Find the motivation to be healthier

Do you like dogs? Or maybe cats?

Well why does it seem like we humans sometimes care more for our pets than we do our own bodies?

"I want to get out into nature more, but..."

"I tried that supplement for a week, but..."

"I really want to get to bed earlier, but..."

Change is really hard. And as much as we think it's our head making the decisions, I think we all know that it sometimes takes an emotional blowup to get the real motivation to change. And then it takes a lot of support to stick!

So get this... I have a special technique to give you the motivation to change without waiting for that nasty emotional blowup. You can literally hack your commitment to your self care, and I'm sharing it with you in episode 93 of Wisdom of the Body podcast.

I got a 20-year smoker to quit using this technique!

If you can start to look at the cells of your body like they are basically trillions of little critters that you need to take care of, then you will actually develop greater empathy for your own body. And having more empathy is one of the ways you will motivate to take action! I know this may sound weird, but try it!

Follow the feeling.

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