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Do Online Personality Tests Really Work?

Back in my days in the corporate world, whenever people in the company weren't getting along very well, whichever executive I had at the time would partner with the Human Resources department to bring in some organizational psychology tools: Myers-Briggs, DiSC or Crucial Conversations. They were all very helpful because there was typically a trainer involved, and lots of training time set aside to process the material.

One old boss recommended the Enneagram, but I didn't really get into it because I had to assess myself, and I wasn't sure that I could do that effectively. I was only 25, and didn't really feel I knew myself very well.

Maybe it's not that different than taking an online dosha quiz. You satisfy a little curiosity, but you don't go deep enough to have it really be useful.

I wrote the Enneagram off as a cutesy thing at the time because I didn't have anyone to help me process deeper learnings with it.

What do you do when you see how you process the world differently than another person? Sure, you can use that information to justify why you shouldn't spend time with that person, but alternatively, you could use the information to get along better with that person.

Susan goes so far as to say that learning your type and seeing how you may be different than another person even helps you feel more LOVE...

This is the difference between using an online test and getting an actual teacher. You will go miles deeper with a teacher.

If you know you want to make real changes in your mind or your health, then invest more time, and get yourself a teacher.

That's how we all do it.

Follow the feeling.

- Heather

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