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Ringing in the New Year - Healthy and Happy Celebration Ideas

I hope you can all take a moment, perhaps a few hours, to be alone and find time to reflect on the past year and create plans for 2016. Here are seven ideas for ringing in this new year in a healthy and happy way:

  1. Take a walk outside in nature to enjoy the precious hours of sunlight

  2. Buy a new journal for 2016 and decide how frequently you'd like to write

  3. Sign up for a class or a yoga teacher training

  4. Donate money or time to a charity you feel passionate about

  5. Meditate at home or in a pleasant space you love

  6. Create a themed vision board for your life in 2016

  7. Buy a new cookbook and invite friends and loved ones over for a healthy dinner

All these ideas can also be enjoyed with others in your life. Sharing what you love is another way to strengthen your own values. And, if you find a great cookbook, please make sure to share it with me!

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