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What's Your Medicine?

"There is nothing in this universe which is non-medicinal and which cannot be made use of for many purposes and by many modes." - Ashtanga Hrdayam (classical text of Ayurveda/Traditional Indian Medicine)

Many of you know I've been working on my master's thesis in Ayurveda, although lots of you probably haven't heard of it before. It's weird, right? It's kind of hard to pronounce.

Well, the quote above is one of the many pearls of wisdom I've learned from this ancient healing tradition. I'm in awe. Studying Ayurveda is like learning about health and medicine through a poet's voice. How wonderful to think that anything can be a medicine! And, if we think a little more about this, then anything can be a toxin. So, how do we know which is which?

The path toward wellness is a continuous practice. We each have to play with our own edges - and we must learn when to be persistent and when to surrender. As we become more mindful in life, we can see where our own mental and behavioral patterns can help or harm us. This is ongoing because life is always changing and requiring us to adapt.

To celebrate the idea that medicine comes in many forms, I'd love to hear what helps you feel happy and healthy. Send me an email. I myself have been practicing my yoga like I always do and I've also started running again after my friend Sally Mitchell from Body Flows taught me how to run in a low-impact way that doesn't hurt my knees!

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