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Build your healthy habits with the power of 10

Try something once, and get only a taste. Continue practicing something and begin to know not only it, but yourself.

This has been my journey. From the first moment I stepped onto a yoga mat, I knew something was different. I thought, "Well I liked it, but what the heck was it all about?" I could feel parts of my body I hadn't remembered ever feeling before.

I said to myself, "I think I'll take 10 classes and see what happens."

I don't even think I was paying attention at class number 10. It wasn't until I started teaching years later that I recalled making that initial commitment to 10 classes. I had found myself going deeper and deeper into a practice that has forever changed my body, my mind and my life.

As my friend Dr. Neale Martin, an international habit marketing expert, says: "Habits are built over time through repetition". He drives practical wisdom like this into my head in every communication I have with him. I often ask myself: "What habits am I building?"

I'd love to hear about the healthy habits you want to build. Send me a message.

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