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I will help you decode, detoxify and rejuvenate your vitality.

- Ayurveda Reset / Balance My Doshas (90 days / $1,998 per person) -

Learn about which doshas are out of balance for you and how you can rebalance according to your Ayurvedic constitution. Detox and rejuvenate for a clearer mind, better energy and physiological functioning as well as improved immunity, resilience and creativity, setting the deep foundation for healing long-term patterns.

-- Choose this private program if you are looking for:


  • Learning what your doshas are and how to rebalance your physical and emotional life

  • An embodied understanding how food, exercise, herbs, people, environments and sensory therapies can affect your overall wellbeing

  • Development of an Ayurvedic lifestyle that factors in the seasons, your birth constitution and health history

- Gentle Cleanse Program / Fertility Cleanse (90 days / $1,598 per person) -

Through time and life, we encounter toxins that create inflammation, blocks or vulnerable spaces in our bodies, throwing our systems out of balance. These toxins can affect basic functioning like sleep, digestion and emotional processing, and can eventually even cause issues with our reproductive functioning. Through a home practice of intermittent fasting, plus ancient ayurvedic panchakarma practices that affect our vital channels, as well as the microbiome, we can cleanse these toxins, remove blockages and rejuvenate any vulnerable spaces in our body.

-- Choose this private program if you are looking for:


  • Deep cleansing of the overall body and reproductive system

  • Resetting after getting off prescriptions, birth control, alcohol, coffee or other substances

  • Improved vitality, fertility and longevity

  • Option to do a Fertility Cleanse with your partner

- Fertility Yoga Series (one health consultation plus 10 yoga sessions / $1,598) -

A private yoga program plus monthly reproductive health protocol to help women reduce psychobiological issues of the reproductive system. Practices involve improving energy flow through nerve, blood and lymph channels of the body and properly developing uterine muscle. Creative movement, breath work, meditation and chanting are typically included in each session.

-- Choose this private program if you are looking for:​


  • Improved periods and fertility

  • Reduced mental and physical stress

  • Rejuvenation after birth or miscarriage

Are you ready to INVEST in YOUR HEALTH DESIRES? Ask me more about these PROGRAMS!

Stop searching all over the place for how to get healthy. The solution is within you.

The next step is to request a free Detox and Rejuvenate Strategy Session to see which program is best for you to invest in!

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