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Four Fertility Factors Program

Online Program with Heather Grzych​

Next class starts September 28, 2020

When a woman contemplates the possibility of becoming a mother, fears, doubts, frustrations and sometimes even big roadblocks can arise on the path. This four-week training program guides you through the Four Fertility Factors of Ayurveda and how to help women create the kind of health that makes one receptive to becoming pregnant, as featured in the book, The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility, by Heather Grzych. This series includes the principles of nature that create fertility in women’s bodies, so participants can design their vision for fertility and good health before getting pregnant.

By the end of the four weeks, you will know exactly what is needed to prepare mind, body, partner and environment for the possibility of conception – whether a woman wants to get pregnant three months from now or three years from now.

The program is a combination of self-paced content and LIVE group courses.

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