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Why It's Important To Intimately Feel Your Left Foot

You were born however many years ago and you've been lugging this gorgeous body around with you ever since. And I wonder if you've really gotten to know all of it.

When we're doing yoga poses, or exercising or stretching, we get reacquainted with parts of ourselves that we may not be using in day-to-day life, especially if we're using our head a lot in our work. We get reacquainted with the parts of us involved in movement, will and effort, and structure - the muscles, the bones, the connective tissues in these areas.

But unless we're spending time intentionally exploring different parts of our bodies, there may be whole areas that we never consciously focus on or feel. For example, when is the last time you tried to feel your left foot? Probably when you had some sort of pain.

There may be parts of you that you've neglected or avoided too.

But you don't have to any longer. You're ready to get to the next level of clarity.

The purpose of getting the body's tissues, structures and humors into a balanced state of being is so that you have a clear mind, and then you can perceive the world accurately. But if you have parts of your body that are hurting, then they may also be impacting how you see reality, and you may have no idea about it.

If your body is suffering, then all the psychoactive drugs and therapy in the world will only get you so far. You must also address the body. This is one of the drawbacks to how we've segmented modern healthcare into so many specialties.

You're the person who has to integrate everything. Yes, YOU!

Are you willing to hunt down all the places in your body that you've been ignoring, avoiding or neglecting and finally get to know them?

Are you willing to retain in your memory what has happened to you, and what you've done yourself, so that you can understand the patterns of why things are the way they are?

You're ready for it.

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